University Essentials core kitchen cooking kit, everything a student needs to kick start there culinary kitchen career, available at the One Stop Uni Shop.


2 x cutlery set (Knife, fork, spoon, tea spoon)

2 x plate

1 x bowl

1 x mug

2 x Pint glasses 

1 x Chopping Board

1 x Stainless steel Russel Hobs food preparation set 

1 x Baking tray

1 x Spud peeler

1 x Oven Gloves

1 x Tea towel

1 x 3 Piece non stick Pan set

1 x Spatula, ladle and serving spoon set

(Plus the only 3 items you really need)

1 x Tupperware set

1 x Bottler Opener

1 x Tin opener

See our Kitchen Top Up Kits to Replenish the your cutlery you swore was lying around here somewhere.

Uni essentials Kitchen Pack

SKU: K01
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