The (Not so) definitive University Essentials Checklist - 50 items to take to university

50 essentials to pack off to uni with

Uni is a BIG transition, in between the excitement, anxiety and anticipation of awaiting confirmation on yours or loved ones university place, rises the inevitable question. What do i need to take??

We at the 1StopUniShop Have got you covered having over 10 years Uni experience this definitive list entails all the Uni essentials, minus a few creature comforts..


Whether you're moving cross country or into your nearest city, you're attempting independence. As such its important to bring documents, which allows you to stop relying on the folks back home.

1) Driving or provisional license (Essential id for the booze)

2) Passport

I know it’s not ideal bringing such an important document with you. So may bring it from home when necessary.

The three times I needed it, opening my student account, renting property and registering at the local GP (Driving or provisional suitable in this case).

Your uni will advise you to register at your local GP when you arrive, which we agree! Especially if you're miles from home. You may also need to open your student account for your overdraft, when the loan runs dry, as an extra buffer.

3) All official uni correspondence including letter of acceptance and student loan information

4) Accommodation information including tenancy agreement and guarantor documents (if applicable).

5) National insurance card

6) Insurance docs (Important for international students)

Any other uni documentation you have! You may want a wallet and a folder for all this!


Your University accommodation provides you with the bulkier items! Kettle, toaster etc.. hears what you need to bring!

1. Mugs

2. Pans 

3. Chopping boards

4. Cutlery (You cant go wrong with spares)

5. Plates, bowls, side plates etc

6. Tea Towel

7. Oven Gloves

8. Potato masher

9. Spud peeler

10. Bottle Opener (UNI ESSENTIAL)

7. Wooden spoons, spatula, Ladle   8. Baking trays 9. Tupperware

11. Food prep Knife set

12. Cleaning utensils 

 Bedroom and Bathroom:

Its a blank canvas to make you own! Posters and fairy lights are encouraged..

For the essentials though

1) Duvet (Make sure to check accommodation details for size)

2) Mattress Protector (Essential)

3) Bed sheet

4) Duvet and pillow cover

5) Coat Hangers

6) Extension Cable 

7) Bin

8) Bath Towels

9) Face Towels

10) Shower Organizer (Especially if its a shared bathroom) 

11) All your toiletries (I'm sure we dont need to list them)

12) Toilet roll (Lots of it)

The Uni Bit

A Laptop and USB pen are the glue that holds your uni experience together! And all the techy bits that come along side it.Notepad and pens help too..Free with the Ultimate Uni Essentials Pack!Whilst its not an exhaustive list, drawing from our experience your put yourself in good stead with this checklist, add in some creature comforts and you're well on your way to the most exciting, exhilarating and rewarding years... Shop Over 60+ Uni Essentials

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