The best ways to make money at University

Whether you have hit the ‘town’ too hard or ordered your favourite Chinese takeaway too frequently, there comes a time when every student looks for the best (and be honest, easiest) way to rack up some extra cash to inevitably spend on more nights out & takeaways. If you wanted, you could even review McDonald's to get paid, the possibilities are endless.

So that leaves you with the question, what are the best ways to make money at university? Here are our top 10 strategies:

Survey sites

One of the most popular ways students can make money online is by participating in surveys. You literally get paid for your opinions and you even can pocket £4 a survey! Completing a few of these an hour can certainly add a few drink tokens to your bank.

The trick is to find survey sites that credit new users with a welcome bonus, finding these are not hard, for example 20cogs & ohmydosh.

They are free and easy to join and just by registering to these sites you make £8 from the get-go!

Risk-free matched betting (mind blows)

Although this might sound a bit out of your comfort zone, this is actually one of the best ways to make money as a university student.

Guess what the best thing about this strategy is? The money! Matched betting is a completely legal and risk-free way to turn “free bets” into physical cash – as mentioned by the guardian.

Team profit has an extremely valuable page for students and shows you 5 steps to make your first £100, they have tons of blogs and guides that show you how to make £200 per month risk-free. Definitely check them out!

Enter Free Competitions

Everyone loves a freebie, especially students! One strategy to make money at university is to enter free competitions. We recommend to create a new email account and then visit websites like the latest deals for a chance to win money, products and discounts! This is obviously a luck-based strategy but with these websites, you can check how many people have entered and you can start to edge your luck. Some of these competitions include Argos gift cards, an IPhone x, an asda vouchers.

Not bad to say they are free to enter!


Do you have skills that others don’t, why not list yourself on Fiverr? Whether you are good at photoshopping your mates faces onto donkeys or writing blogs (we may need help with both services), Fiverr is the place to offer your (legal) services for a price.

Simply sign up, list the service you offer and bang. Your services now can be bought, and with Fiverr being the largest freelancer website in the world, the opportunities are endless!

Cashback sites (saving money is making money)

You have almost certainly heard of them, cashback sites can be your best friend. If you frequently purchase items with your debit card, such as food, entertainment, clothing, university essentials or any other bits and bats to prank your uni mates, cashback sites may save you hundreds of pounds by simply rewarding you for shopping.

A few of the biggest cashback sites in the UK are ohmydosh, topcashback & Quidco. The old saying is true, saving money is making money.

Listen to music

Probably one of the most obscure ways to make money but you can actually get paid to listen and review music with slicethepie. Now we are not saying this method will make you the next Simon Cowel but it’s definitely worth a look into if you have a taste for brand new music.

Whether you are on the bus to Uni or in a taxi on the way back from a tinder date – you can plug your earphones in and enjoy listening to new music while getting paid for it!


If you are studying to be a teacher or you think you’re qualified enough to teach GCSE level subjects, then why not consider tutoring. One of the easiest ways to push the boat out with this strategy is to join as many buy, sell and swap sites in your area on Facebook and publicly advertise your services.

Parents want their children to succeed more than anything, that’s why you can charge anywhere between £15 & £20 per hour as a tutor! Working 10 hours a week can bag yourself £150 and that’s be honest, it's not the hardest job in the world!

Review Websites

If by chance you own a laptop, you can actually get paid to review new websites. Simply navigate your way through websites and chat away into your microphone and earn yourself a nice little side income. You can even start your own website if you wanted from just 99p with Godaddy and start to promote brands and businesses.

One of the best websites for this is usertesting so make sure you check them out! A lot of students enjoy this strategy more than any other.

Register to Clickworker

Clickworker offers a platform for students to find easy admin work such as data entry and form filling. Simply find jobs that you like, apply for it and receive payment once the task is finished. It is completely free to sign up to clickworker and you can profit from it the minute you sign up!


Being a student is an expensive hobby, you don’t need to budget your last £20 until your next loan drops – chose 3 or 4 strategies above that best suits you and start making easy money at university! You have the ability and resources to make over £100 a week so get started!

We recommend starting with a survey site like OhmyDosh & 20Cogs see where that takes you! You can make £8 today just from signing up to those sites.

What are your university money-making hacks? Let us know down below

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