Freshers week Top tips

Not to sound like your parents, I mean you're probably looking forward to getting out and stretching your legs a little, but c'mon seriously. Learn how to clean your pots after using them!

With freshers approaching and everyone anxious and gearing up to leave their homelands and venture into the great wild that is your first year of university, we thought we would compile a little list to help keep you on track, or at least so you don't stray too far from it.

So here goes...

1) Admin yourself when you arrive, there will be plenty of time for boozing and meeting your flat mates, go get your personal space set and how you like it. This gives you your camp for the year and home away from home. Wouldn't it be nice to come back to somewhere that feels somewhat familiar? I'm Following the essence of clean room clean mind here, so you can be the best you, meeting your flat mates, trust me you'll thank me later.

2) Keep an open Mind and try something new, its good to get out your comfort zone! it’s a weird experience moving into a flat with 5 or more strangers, naturally you will all have different backgrounds. But this is where some of life’s best friends can be found and made.

Again, it comes down to being the best you, and that starts with rule 1. No one likes living in a mess, although that seems to be the essence of student life, be better.

Put your best foot forward, perhaps cook a communal meal for everyone, (That's what I did) and it was the best year of my uni experience by far...

3) Be you, speak your truth quietly and clearly, you will find your tribe! Attend the freshers fair to get a taste of what’s available around. (They have a society for literally everything) ...within reason. Sports teams are a great go to, especially for making you feel at home! Everything falls into place, just as it should.

4) Onto the boozing bit. If that's not you then cool, see rule 3! But undeniably its a large part of uni culture especially being in halls. People really respect someone who stands true to themselves (How can you not) so don't worry at all if it’s not for you.

But under all circumstances if you do like to party, don't pull your housemates on the first night! You've been warned... source 'Fresh meat S1 E1'.

The list really could go on, but if you stick to these rough guidelines you won’t go far wrong, at uni and in life. And reach out if you're struggling. A phone call or message home does wonders for morale.

Stay safe and strap in for a roller coaster ride of thrill, memories and excitement, Uni is a ball.

A curry night is recommended, what a great freshers year that was

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